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Questions and Answeres

How do you determine the amount of credit?

The loan amount is determined individually for each client, depending on the weight of jewellery and scrap gold. It also depends on fineness of gold from which your item is made of, the degree of wear and the condition of your product.

 How do you evaluate a car and determine the amount of a loan?

We base the value of a car on its current market value, its condition and technical position. To determine the amount of a loan we use a special methodology that takes into account the loan terms and the vehicle liquidity.

Can I get a loan and continue to use my car?

No, we don’t provide loans with the right of driving. For the loan period, we provide storage of your vehicle in a guarded parking lot.

What is to be done if a pawnticket has been lost?

In the event of a lost pawn ticket, it’s necessary to go to the pawn shop, where a loan was obtained and write an application for ticket copy issue. You must have Identity card and passport with you.

The duplicate is issued only to the person, who obtained the loan.

I would like to make partial prepayment of my loan, can I do it?

You can pay any sum of money at any time, without payment commission prepayment penalty.

Do you accept jewellery with diamonds?

Yes, we do.

The appraisal process is carried out on the basis of the following criteria: quality of your diamond, shape of the stone, the number of faces and the size of the stone.


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