"ТEZ"- means QUICKLY!

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  • Jewellery and precious stones appraisal carried out by highly-skilled professionals.
  • High gold valuation

    A high gold price in jewellry valuation and discounts for regular customers.
  • Loans secured by jewellery and vehicles

    Loans secured by precious metal jewellery, with stones as well as by any kind of vehicles.
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Welcome to TEZ LOMBARD!

«TEZ LOMBARD» chain of pawn shops is a simple, quick and convenient way to borrow money.

In our pawn shop you can get credit within 5 minutes! To take secured loan you need to have personal identity document and collateral.

Gold jewellery and cars can be pawned as collateral in our pawnshops.

We work with high qualified appraisers, who will promptly determine collateral value, offer the best price and favourable credit use conditions. The appraisal is free. «TEZ LOMBARD» is providing transparent and simple terms of obtaining secured loans and high value of your pledged items. We give competent advice and provide assistance in credit issues.

We have a great mind to do the lending process more convenient and profitable for our clients, providing stability and reliability in our collaboration. We guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of pledges throughout the collaboration period.

At any brunch of «TEZ LOMBARD» you can get to know detailed credit use conditions, appraise your collateral and get credit.

«TEZ LOMBARD» chain of pawn shops is a modern and convenient way of financing.


Jewellery from precious metals:

Rings, chains, bangles, earrings, pendants, cuff links.

Jewellery with diamond

Rings, chains, bangles, earrings, pendants, cuff links.



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